‘Hotel California’ gets a dreamy cover in the midst of nature

Rachelle Cordova, also known as Reina del Cid, attempted a cover of ‘The Eagles’ and their timeless hit ‘Hotel California.’ The group performs along the banks of a river in Switzerland.

After a few hiccups at the start left in the video for comedy’s sake, the five-piece band begins playing. They stand in a serene environment with a beautiful river behind them.

Reina del Cid is joined by two electric guitars, one portable drumset, and a bass player. They hit every harmony perfectly too. Reina del Cid wears red pants and a blue shirt sitting with her acoustic guitar in front of a microphone.

The group harmonizes to sing the catchy hook, “Welcome to the Hotel California. Such a lovely place.Such a lovely face. Plenty of room at the Hotel California. Any time of year, you can find it here.”

Reina del Cid wrote, “While the original Eagles version will always be definitive, the crew and I wanted to do our own take on this song while we were in Bern, Switzerland, on our European tour.

Reina del Cid continued writing, “Off camera, a small crowd gathered around us as we performed, and it was truly a magical moment in a beautiful city, so far from the place Don Henley is singing about in this song.”

The song’s back half has an incredible dual electric guitar lead, and the musicians nail it note for note. This is one of the best covers of ‘Hotel California’ you will ever hear.

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\'Hotel California\' gets a dreamy cover in the midst of nature