Meet The “Houdini Horse” Who Can Break Any Lock… Watch This Escape Artist In Action!

Horses are beautiful, elegant and majestic animals. Known for their elegance and grace, they don’t usually get a lot of rep for nimble magic! But wait until you meet Mariska. This beautiful Fresian Mare is capable of opening just about any lock without any keys! I’m telling you, Mariska is the next Houdini or David Copperfield!

Did you watch Mariska open all those barn doors?! At first you’d think that she’d only open her own barn door to get out but no, she goes and opens the doors her friends as well. Everyone should be free! And Mariska doesn’t just open one type of lock, as shown in the video she can open all sorts, which means that Mariska leaves her cage whenever she wants. Good for her!

I never knew that horses were able to pick up on such skills and I’m amazed at Mariska. Have you ever owned a horse, and if so, did he/she behave like this? Let us know below and spread the word of this aspiring magician with your friends!

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