How does he do it? They set up a camera to solve a feline mystery

If you’ve raised children, you’ve surely been woken up many, many mornings by the sound of a little fist banging on your bedroom door. Either that or a ruckus somewhere else in the house that was going to keep going until you got up and put a stop to it. Pet owners have it easy, right? They have the luxury of being able to sleep in without being pestered, don’t they? Nope.

Cats are masters of being being silent and invisible, like little furry ninjas. But when they want to get their human parents’ attention, it’s a very different story. If you’re reading a book or newspaper and a cat gets a chance to lie down on it, they will. If you’re busy typing on your computer and there’s a cat in the house, you can expect a visit: the cat appears explosively, blocking the screen and causing untold mayhem by walking all over the keyboard.

Cats really do love their humans and delight in receiving affection from them — but it’s always at the time and place of the cat’s choosing. When it comes to the attention-seeking behavior just described, you’d almost think they deliberately do it when they know it will be inconvenient. These clever little creatures have one other trick. Researchers have found that cats figure out they can get people’s attention by making a sound that’s a lot like a human baby crying. Not only that, a cat will modulate their voice until they get it just right!

One of the cats you’ll see in the video posted below has figured out a whole new way of getting his human parents out of bed. Sounding off while sitting by the bedroom door evidently didn’t work. Scratching the door wasn’t enough, either. His humans set up a camera so they find out how their feline friend was making such a racket.

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