How To Prepare PERFECT Steaks In A Cast Iron Skillet (There’s 1 Secret You Probably Don’t Know)

Cast Iron Skillet Steak RecipeFor many, it sounds like something from back in grandma’s day, cooking steak in a cast-iron skillet especially with all those fancy pots and pans you see advertised on TV. But newer isn’t always better.

More people use cast iron now than you might think. Many of us prefer to cook on cast iron, and when it comes to steaks and cast iron, there’s a secret most people don’t know: Put the skillet in the OVEN first.

Cast Iron Skillet Steak RecipeThis little secret makes all the difference. Watch a professional cast iron pro from America’s Test Kitchen, teach you how to prepare the absolute-best-ever home-cooked steak.

Cooking with cast iron has many benefits, including its durability. It will outlast any of your aluminum or steel frying pans by decades and is virtually indestructible.

Cast iron maintains heat much more effectively than other pans, which is excellent for searing steak and provides much better browning. It can also develop a non-stick coating over time, with repeated use.

For top results when cooking with your cast-iron skillet, be sure to salt the steak before searing it to remove moisture and to season the meat.

To pre-heat the skillet, don’t do it on the stovetop, instead, pop it into a very hot oven and this will create an evenly heated cooking surface (be careful with the hot handle). When cooking, flip the steaks over every two minutes, which helps to reduce cooking time.

Watch the video to learn how to ensure a perfectly cooked steak with a cast-iron skillet.

Simply a beautiful and excellent method to cook a steak. Are you hungry? I could go for one right now. 😍

How To Prepare PERFECT Steaks In A Cast Iron Skillet (There\'s 1 Secret You Probably Don\'t Know)