With A Single Piece Of Rope Man Shows How To Effortlessly Remove Heavy Snow From Roof

Snowy HouseWinter is a beautiful time of the year, but the practical realities of a heavy snowfall can be more sobering. The result of those fluffy flakes of powder floating delicately down from the sky can be the possibility of your roof caving in, which puts a dampener on your windows, not to mention the blow to your bank balance.

Excess snow piled up on the roof can be difficult to remove, especially if it’s really deep. Fortunately, this video demonstrates a simple, do-it-yourself hack to remove built-up snow from the roof in no time at all.

Snow on Roof - How To RemoveAll you will need for the task is a single piece of rope. Why pay someone else to do it? Employ the following method:

Once you have climbed onto the roof, throw a length of rope with a hammer tied to one end, down onto the ground. Just drape the rest of the rope over and around the snow piled on your roof and get back down again.

Now, pull the rope so it cuts underneath the piled-up snow. It will make the snow become loose and slippery at the base of the pile thereby removing its traction and causing it to slide. It gathers momentum and slides right off your roof and hits the ground where it is much easier, and cheaper, to deal with.

By following the hack on the video you’ll soon be back in the lounge in front of the fireplace with your loved ones.

Everyone who found this effortless way of clearing snow off your roof a great idea, share his video with your friends and help protect their homes from damage.