How to Make a Rustic Farmhouse Wreath

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“Factory Direct Craft is an online craft supply store located in the Midwest region of the U.S. They have everything from unique crafts to everyday crafting supplies. They often put out easy tutorial crafting videos, like this one for a super easy, versatile wreath.

Wreaths always seem to add such a nice pop of color and texture wherever you put them, whether on a wall, a door, or somewhere else. Nothing quite says welcome home like a cheerful wreath hanging on your door to greet you.

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This log slice wreath is so simple to make, and it can easily be adapted to every season. Just switch out the color schemes and flowers. It’s so easy that even the “crafty-challenged” can make this one. First of all, gather the few simple supplies you’ll need:

● Wood slices (can be bought from a craft supply store already sliced)
● Styrofoam wreath form
● Hot glue gun and glue sticks
● Artificial moss
● Artificial greenery
● Wired ribbon
● Scissors
● Wire cutters
● Wreath hanger
● Floral wire

Place your Styrofoam form on a flat surface and begin by gluing your log slices onto it. Do this by applying a small drop of hot glue to the back of each log slice and gently pressing in onto the form for several seconds until the glue starts to cool and harden. It looks nice to overlap a few on top of each other, so your wreath doesn’t look too one-dimensional.

Don’t worry about any small gaps you see between the slices at this point. Once you get all of the slices glued onto the form, apply hot glue to any of your gaps and immediately cover with the moss. Your wreath already starts to look more colorful.

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You can choose any greenery or color of artificial flowers to add to this wreath. There are so many options for this step. Onto one side of your wreath, secure your chosen bouquet in place with the floral wire.

To hide the stems of your greenery and flowers, attach your bow to the bottom of your wreath over the stems. Secure it in place with your floral wire. You can use any color combo you want for the greenery and bow for whatever season you like.

For Christmas, use a bit a small pine branch and pinecones with a red and green bow. Or use red and white flowers with a red, white, and blue ribbon for the 4th of July. Throw in a few accents or picks of stars or sparkles to really dress this wreath up. The possibilities are nearly endless. Give this one a try!”

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How to Make a Rustic Farmhouse Wreath