Howie Mandel Had Seen Enough, Scaring Mel B & Heidi with Buzzer

Quick Style winners of Norway’s Got Talent take to the stage of America’s Got Talent: The Champions to prove their worth. Given their illustrious involvement in the music industry including choreography for the Korean boy band sensation BTS, it’s about time that their spectacular dance moves reached global acclaim. Describing their piece as risky due to its slower pace, the trio took their chances to ‘Ain’t No Sunshine.’

Mirrors, sacred geometry, and psychedelia work wonderfully for these three dancers who step out of their comfort zone and into something ultra-modern but classical and contemporary in its appeal. From the light show to the explosive dance moves, it’s something different from what fans are used to, but at the same time something truly unique and special.

Just when everyone seems to be getting into Quick Style’s flow, Howie Mandel couldn’t take anymore. Looking across at the judges for a reaction, he struck and scared the life out of Mel B and Heidi. Fans were disgusted. Quick Style could easily feel hurt. Most are against AGT’s annoyed comedian, instead supporting the impeccably timed choreography and artistic expression arranged to Bill Wither’s hit ‘Ain’t No Sunshine.’