While On Their Tour Of Duty, Four Navy Women Turn Around And Say THIS. So Unexpected. LOL!

When this video went viral, it caused a controversy across the US Armed Forces. But if you’re like me and other patriotic Americans, you’re going to love watching the women of the USS Ronald Reagan having a little fun during their tour of duty.

Watch as they lip-sync country music star Shania Twain’s classic hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much” as they poke fun at the extremely talented men who serve on the aircraft carrier with them.

While this might just about be the funniest lip sync clip we’ve ever shared, the hilarity is even better knowing that these women are proud to serve in the U.S. Navy.

Because the video employs impeccable editing and succinct lip syncing, we can see the precision these Navy women expect in all aspects of their work… and play.

Throughout the video, we get an insider’s view into the inner workings of the elite aircraft carrier.

The video highlights how these women perform the same job duties as the men around them.

Unfortunately, this viral video got the Navy women in trouble. The video caused a stir because it showed the women inappropriately using official safety equipment as well as images of the ship’s nuclear power plant which the Pentagon doesn’t want other countries to see.

Although they broke some rules, we have to give these women credit for breaking up the monotony of life at sea.

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