A Huge Crowd Had Gathered Around The See The Hippo; None Of Them Expected Him To Do THIS!

This video is almost a public service announcement. Some people are completely offended by the very notion of flatulence. Unfortunately for those people, who treat the subject as taboo, everybody does it.

It is a natural process that should not be curbed. Holding in flatulence can, in some cases, cause damage to the bowel. Which is why the hippo in this video knows to let nature take its course. A lot of people had gathered around his enclosure at the zoo, when Harry the hippo felt nature calling.

The reaction from the spectators is hilarious. Perhaps this video is a little more base than contend that we normally post but this hippopotamus is so funny it is worth sharing with you. Watch this silly hippo and hear the reactions from the crowd when he does this.

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