When This Huge Dog Gets Ignored By His Owner, He Throws The Cutest Tantrum Ever!

We as people are all social beings, and if there’s one thing that can get to us fairly quickly, no matter where we are or in what position we’re in, is being ignored by other people. It’s just one of the most upsetting feelings that one can have, and it affects us severely because it makes us feel not important and unwanted. And it’s not a feeling that’s exclusive to humans either.

In the funny video that you will see just below here, you will meet Dinky, a huge Great Dane dog who becomes really jealous when he sees his dad give all of his attention to his brother dog, and it clearly makes him very upset. You might remember Dinky from that time when they were begging for a piece of a delicious sandwich, and now, Dinky shows his excited side when he asks for some rubs and pets. He’s almost too cute to be real!

He’s certainly not a small dog, but that doesn’t stop him from acting like a huge puppy. This dog even keeps hopping up and down the couch and towards the man, in an attempt to get him to notice him, but to no avail! You’ll have to watch till the end to see how it went.

Watch this adorable doggy moment in the video right under here!

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