Huge Dog Tries To Play With The Cat, And His Reaction Is PRICELESS!

Today, we brought for you a very funny animal video that’s very much unlike other ones that we have showed you. While yes, we’ve seen evidence that animals of different species can get along as family just fine, even when it goes against stereotypes, like cats and dogs, it’s also very hard to ignore the reason why clichés exist in the first place. Dogs and cats have very different aptitudes and personalities, after all, and even when they live together in harmony, sometimes their differences can cause hilarious moments.

While cats are known for being “cool” and laid back, dogs are just energetic fluff balls that just want to have fun with every one they meet. In the following funny video, we can see several instances of moments when dog’s playfulness and extraversion clashes with many cat’s calm and cool personality, and it’s just too funny to resist. After all, how boring would life be if everyone was exactly the same? It’s much better to just accept our differences and enjoy the funny moments that they cause, like this hilarious video shows us!

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