When This Huge Horse Approaches A Young Boy In A Wheelchair, Watch What The Horse Does…

Every once in a while, there’s nothing that can make your day better than a happy and cheerful video. They’re just the perfect way to make your day better sometimes, and one of my favorite kinds of cute videos are the ones that feature horses. There’s just something about this majestic creature that makes me love them like nothing else!

The bond that can be created between children and animals is something that never stops amazing me, and it always fills my heart with joy to see them having a good time. Animal friendships can do wonders for a kid’s upbringing too. But I never expected that this kind of relationship could be had between a kid and a horse.

It doesn’t matter if the companion animal is trained for therapy, as a service animal for a special purpose, or just as a pet and an additional member of the family; the impact that they can have in a little child’s happiness is unsurmountable. The little boy featured in the video below is named Xavier, and you’ll see how his relationship with his horse Savance has changed his life.

Check out this touching and compelling animal friendship in this video!

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