These Huge Horses Just Had A Big Meal And Now They Are Resting. But What The Camera Caught Next? Hilarious!

Liz Mitten Ryan runs a special horse retreat called Equinisity Retreats. Visitors can experience what it means to live in harmony with nature, wild animals, and wild horses. These wonderful creatures are treated with all the love and care in the world and all of them are familiar with humans. According to Liz, this footage was shot for fun. It was filmed in order to show people how happy these horses are!

Liz was walking around the 320-acre property when she heard some strange noises coming from one of the barns. She came in but what she found was not what she expected at all! The group of horses in the clip has just had a huge meal that morning and they were trying to get some relaxation. You can see some of them peacefully having rest and some even fart and snore! Their behaviour will crack you up!

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