Giant ostrich runs after biker going 43 miles per hour!

Some activities are scary yet fun. Think of riding an enormous roller coaster, bungee jumping, cliff diving, or skydiving. Perhaps you’ve even done one or more of these things. There’s another and you surely can’t claim to have ever done it: riding a bicycle while being chased by an enraged ostrich.

Oleksiy Mischenko and two friends were in South Africa take part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour. While the Tour de France may be the most famous bicycle race in the world, this one is the biggest, often attracting over 30,000 individually-timed competitors. The route varies from year to year, but it’s generally between 65 and 70 miles long, running from Cape Town to the Cape Peninsula and back. There’s no shortage of beautiful scenery.

To help themselves get ready for the big race, stretch their legs, and see what they were up against, the three friends hit the road. Oleksiy had his camera out and we’ve posted his video for you below…

At first, all seems to be well. They’re out riding on a quiet road running through a landscape characterized by desolate beauty. But then the ostrich turned up. For reasons known only to it, the gigantic bird took offense to Oleksiy’s friends and began chasing them…

They probably look back on it now and laugh (just like Oleksiy did when he filmed the escapade) but at the time it had to be terrifying. Not only are ostriches big, up to 9 feet tall and weighing as much as 300 pounds, but they can run a whole lot faster than you’d ever imagine possible…

In fact, ostriches are the fastest bird on land, capable of running well over 40 miles per hour. So even for a racing cyclist, there’s no easy escape! Fortunately, the ostrich gave up the chase… this time.

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