When This Huge Pig Plays With His New Toy, He Loves It Too Much. Now He Needs Your Help!

Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary that was founded to rescue farm animals in Australia. Right now they provide a permanent home for more than 300 animals. These animals were saved from some of the most wretched conditions imaginable.

Edgar’s Mission says, “As custodians of this planet, we have been guilty of playing favorites. We have designated some animals friends and some animals food. Yet they are no different. All share the same ability to suffer, the same need and desire to experience life, for it to have joy, meaning and purpose.”

Because farms are all about making money it can mean that many farmed animals live in miserable conditions. Edgar’s Mission has made it their duty to rescue as many of these animals as possible. This video will show you the amazing story of Max, an incredibly lucky pig.

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