Huge Sleepy St. Bernard Is Way More Interesting Than Flashing Colorful Baby Toy

Dogs and pets are part of the families they belong to, and they always show a lot of love and affection for all their family members. While the newest family member is kept occupied with a flashing toy, the big St. Bernard sleeps on.

Flashing toys can be exciting for a young one – the flashing lights; sounds that are emitted by the press of each button can fascinate a toddler. Their curious minds get entertained by the various noises as well as the colors and lights – and many a child has been known to be occupied with such toys for days – which is great news for new parents.

But the toy soon loses its appeal when the dog moves a little. The baby is drawn towards the big furry dog that probably looks like a stuffed toy and the baby soon wants to play with the dog. His slow scrawl towards to the four legged furry beast ends with the infant trying to paw the dog’s face.

I love how patient the dog is with the baby, even taking the time to sniff the baby’s ear. This video is just SO CUTE – I love how dogs and babies interact. Our four legged friends are always so protective towards the young ones and they will definitely show more love and attention than other flashing toy ever can.

Is your child more entertained by a toy or by your pet? Write in and let us know in the section below.

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