A Huge Wild Brown Bear Breaks Out Of Character And Asks For Food In The Most Polite Way!

Before we show you the video below, it’s important to note that no one should ever try this at home. This video was recorded by animal experts Russians, who were completely aware of what they were doing.

This particular video was recorded in Russia, and it shows a huge brown bear looking for food as preparation for his hibernation period. During this preparation stage, bears eat almost anything they come across, so it can be pretty dangerous to approach them when they’re doing so. The bear in the video got his nose on some delicious-smelling human food, and he got determined to get it for himself.

The huge ursine friend gets close to a building open window, and for what you can see in the video, it seems that the building in question was still in construction, and the bear came while there was people working on it. Despite his obvious hunger, the bear doesn’t get aggressive at all, and he politely extends his paw to ask for a portion of food to be given to him. How could you resist such an adorable request?!

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