Huggable, Cute Baby Goats Have The Most Playful King Of The Hill Game I’ve Ever Witnessed!

King of the Hill is a game that many may remember from when they were young. The whole idea of the game is to stay on the top of the hill for as long as possible, defending the land/territory like it was the only thing that mattered. In the instances of this game getting a bit too rough, it’s met with harsh criticism from parents or in some cases discipline and others, encouragement. I’m sure we’ve all been to that point where our parents seem to worry needlessly about our safety when it really isn’t that big of a deal.

I remember an instance where my mom was concerned after I was paling around with a friend, just joking and messing with him when he was on the phone with a girl. He ended up getting so mad and upset that he through a plastic ramp at my head. It hurt a lot, but I could understand why he was so upset. At the same time, my mother swore I would never hang with him again. I told her it wasn’t that big of a deal. I held onto the idea that it would heal, I wasn’t dying. The same sort of attitude when a barber cuts your hair too short- well, it’ll grow back.

However, in every game there must be a goal or a victor. When it comes to pygmy baby goats playing king of the hill, I know I certainly won just as much as the King.

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