Huggable, Cute Two-Month-Old Baby Says ‘I Love You’… So Darling!

Language is a thing of learning. It’s just a matter of time before someone can learn the language. Some, have the unfortunate fate of never learning a language, and reserve themselves to mutism or being a mute. This isn’t always a matter of simply not wanting to talk, some are physically and medically limited. They simply don’t have the capacity to learn the language or use the language. These can be rather tragic moments of realization. They may indirectly even, make you feel that much more appreciation for language and communication. Language and a sense of being understood is pretty important when it comes to many different avenues of life. Whether it be occupational, social, or even interpersonally. To have a relationship with someone requires that you talk to them in some way. That you talk to them or write to them and let them know how you feel. There are so many languages out there, from braille to American Sign Language or any other countries sign language, to the native language. To be able to communicate or express yourself can lead to a much richer life, full of wonder, joy, and curiosity.

When it comes to the developmental aspect of learning a language, no moment is prouder than when your tiny baby boy or girl decides to finally make sentences or small ideas known. To express themselves can leave many shocked by what they have to say. In the case of one young baby girl, she has an admission of love that her parents need to hear. I’m sure when you hear what she has to say, it’ll bring a tear to your eyes. What a proud moment.

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