She Hugs Her Dog & Says “I Love You”, And His Reaction Is A Real Surprise

I love when there are homes that have several pets of different species. It makes for adorable interspecies friendships! Being a huge animal lover I couldn’t help but be moved when I saw this video. Not only does this dog have a great reaction, this little French Bulldog is wearing a sweater that makes him seem almost human.

It starts off simple enough when this pup’s human Mom is holding her baby in her arms and she tells him, “I love you.” You can see the pup respond immediately. He is clearly quite happy to be in his mom’s arms getting all of the attention. The feeling of love is definitely mutual! But I wasn’t prepared for the dog’s response. I have never in my life seen a dog react the way this dog did, though I admit, some dogs have come close!

Some people will say this dog is just parroting and mimicking what his mom said, but they aren’t really known to do that, so I’m not sure I agree with that. Dogs are awesome, adorable, and definitely smart! Watch this video and tell us how you felt when you saw this precious puppy’s response. Definitely dogs are the ones that have the most extreme and hilarious reactions.

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