Human Gets Sweet Revenge On His Cat Who Wakes Him Up Every Single Day At 4 am

Cats and their humans have very different sleep patterns. People typically do a solid 7 or 8 hours of solid, deep sleep. Cats, on the other hand, tend to, well, cat nap. They sleep a lot, but it’s in the form of numerous little naps, sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes for an hour or two and usually they aren’t deeply asleep. Out in the wild, cats are “crepuscular” hunters, preferring to look for prey at dawn or dusk. These are times when light is dim enough that they aren’t easily seen by potential prey but not so dim that a cat can’t see anything.

Even the most domestic of cats never fully sheds its natural instincts. There’s always a bit of wild animal in them and for cat lovers, this is part of what makes them so endearing. However it is sometimes annoying. These crepuscular hunters will sometimes get in the habit of waking their humans up at, say, 4:00 in the morning to demand food. After all, that’s when they’d be hunting if they lived outdoors. They can get creative, too: head-butting, pawing at you, chewing your hair, curling up on your face, and of course, meowing loudly.

YouTuber Nick T has an adorable orange and white tabby named Italics who had been waking him up at 4:00 every morning for the previous week. In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see the poorly rested man get revenge on his furry alarm clock. Italics is stretched out, blissfully asleep. Nick creeps up next to him, his face hardly more than a foot from the cat. He has an angry expression or is doing his best to fake one. He lets out an incredibly loud and realistic meow, startling the cat awake. With a thin smile of satisfaction, Nick sternly tells his cat, “Don’t meow in the middle of the night.”

We’re hoping Nick doesn’t do this every day. Your thoughts? Let’s hear them in the Facebook comments. Don’t forget to like and share!