Where have you been, my human? This kitty can’t wait for his human dad to come home

People who don’t think highly of cats will scoff at their friendliness and insist that it’s about one thing and one thing only: food. Granted, there’s no denying cats can get highly worked-up about food. Certain sounds from the kitchen will make even the laziest cat come running like a mad thing. Cat owners who’ve made the mistake of feeding their feline friend first thing in the morning will find that the cat will become their new alarm clock. But all that said, any cat owner knows there’s a lot more to it that food. Cats really do love their human parents and different cats will show this in different ways: curling up next to you at night, hanging out in your lap, or perhaps leaving toys in your shoes. The virtually universal experience for all cat parents is being greeted at the door when they come home.

Of all the breeds of cat out there, the Bengal may be the most beautiful. Named for the region in Bangladesh and northeastern India, the Bengal is a cross of the ordinary domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat. They typically have spots that make them look like an ocelot or miniature leopard. Bengals are very friendly and demand a lot of playtime.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a Bengal cat named Tonto who can’t wait for his human dad to come home. Late in the afternoon Tonto perches on top of a stone post near the front gate, impatient to see his dad’s car pull up. Once that happens, the cat is rolling around on the post in feline ecstasy. He lets out a meow or two of greeting before very gladly accepting some pats to the head and rubs to the back and belly. As Tonto’s human dad says, “Literally, I come home to this every day. This is my welcome.”

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