“As They Zoomed In On This Hummingbird SOMETHING Amazing Happened. HINT: Watch Her Head!”

Hummigbirds used to be the hardest birds to get on film due to their tiny size and the fact that they move rather quickly in flight.

So, we never really got a chance before to actually see these beautiful little creatures up close.  That is till modern technology made it possible to film things from a distance and make it look as if they are up close as this video footage of a hummingbird shows.

This little hummingbird is quite beautiful which doesn’t come as too big a surprise.  We always knew that hummingbirds were beautiful types of birds even if we couldn’t get too close a look at one.  But there is something that is astonishing about this little guy as the video illustrates.  It would seem that his beautiful color feathers actually seem to change colors as he move his head.

So, a hummingbird feathers can change colors?  If this little guy is any indicator apparently so, this is really something that has to be seen to be believed.  This video footage doesn’t take too long to watch but it worth it to see this beautiful example of a creature of nature that hasn’t been seen too often. https://youtu.be/WFzmdrt0xuY Watch the video for yourself, and if you are as blown away by this as we are let us know by commenting below.