Hundreds flock to try sandwich delivered in bucket

A chef in Los Angeles is surviving the pandemic by selling sandwiches made in her kitchen and sold from her fire escape.

The hottest new food craze in Los Angeles is not found in a chic restaurant. Instead, it can be found in an apartment fire escape – and a sandwich delivered by the bucket.

The unique idea was developed by a local chef whose restaurant has been closed down because of the pandemic. Needing to earn a living, she put her skills to use.

Patrons can order her sandwich by going to her Instagram page. Orders placed on Thursday are delivered on Sunday, and the sandwich costs $13.

On delivery day, patrons stand beneath the chef’s fire escape, where she lowers a red bucket from a rope. Inside, there is the sandwich along with spicy red dipping sauce.

The delicious sandwich and creative business idea have become popular in Los Angeles, even attracting the attention of celebrities such as Halle Berry.

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Hundreds flock to try sandwich delivered in bucket