Hurt Baby Deer Finds Friend In Loving And Caring Man. When He Aims To Rescue? So Touching.

To do no harm is an important idea when it comes to helping those who are injured or in pain. If you don’t have the abilities to aid them then it may be in your best interest to find someone who can. While it can be scary to help a wild animal as they can be rather unpredictable, it can be even scarier to help an animal who is injured. Sometimes, you just try to do your best to make it so they aren’t in pain. Other times, the urge to help an animal in need can override any fear you may have of being injured in the process. You just want them to be happy and healthy. Yet, some animals when they feel as though the person helping is there to further their injury, they can act rather erratically. They have that signal coursing through their brain telling them either fight or flight. When you experience this flurry of brain signals, it can really overwhelm you. It can override your sense of care when it comes to another. The sense you must survive, the signals you get, and the will to live is something that is hard to strip. Every single creature wants to survive, no creature wants to be in pain or die. We all fight the idea of death every day. Because the will to survive is stronger than almost anything else. We all try to preserve ourselves for as long as possible. So, when someone comes out of the woodwork when we are at our weakest, after we’ve been abandoned by our family, it can really be a cause for concern and worry. Yet, the kind and caring actions of one man made an injured dear extremely grateful.

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