When her husband died, she felt devastated. The next day, she saw this outside her home!

Every couple has the dream of growing old together. They make plans of all sorts, and figure out that with a lot of wishful thinking, they will get there someday. I’ve asked a lot of couples how they have managed to stay together for a long time, and I’ve gotten quite a few answers. One thing that most of them agree on is that you need patience and tolerance.

Back when I was a young boy, I didn’t really understand the concept of ‘needing’ to be patient. I always thought, “if you’re married to the person you love, it’s not like you really need to put it the effort to be patient.” I thought that all of that came by itself. As I got married, I understood the meaning of this saying. I figured out that it depends on the type of relationship and the type of couple you are.

I’ve seen couples that love to go to many places together. I’ve seen senior couples go to the movies, a coffee shop, and even to get some ice cream together. I have met other couples that believe that the less you see each other, the better off you will be. One woman told me that if you don’t see each other every day, it helps to add to the mystery and helps you ‘want’ to be together (whatever that means).

I had a couple of neighbors that truly exemplified what it is to be in love for a long time. They had one of those stories that sound out of a love novel. They met when they were both in high school. Even though they had a lot in common, they didn’t start dating until after the first year. Everyone would tell them how nice of a couple they were, and most believed that they would be together forever. And staying together is what they did. Right after having their 69th anniversary together, the husband passed away, about 6 months later, so did his wife.

I am sure that getting over your husband or wife passing must be one of the most difficult things in life. Just think about it. He or she is the one person that you will have passed the most part of your life, this person will come to know you like no other, you live so many things together and then, everything’s over.

I don’t know how they do it, but it’s very tough. Something like this happened to the woman in the next video. She had just lost her husband, and she was trying to find a way of leaving all of this behind. She felt devastated and was having a very difficult time finding a reason to live. That is until she saw this outside her home one day!