Her husband hasn’t cut his hair since his mom died. Wait until you see this makeover!

People often live their lives thinking that everyone’s life is perfect, or at least much better than it actually is. I’ve had my positives and my negatives in life and one thing that I’ve learned is that you must learn to roll with the punches. There will be times when you’re up and times when you are going to be down. The important thing to remember is that you need to remain humble and accept that life is constant change.

Thinking back, I’ve had my setbacks, but nothing I had ever experienced could compare to losing a loved one. Both my parents live, they’re healthy and so am I. I’ve known far too many people who have lost one or both of their parents when they were young. I cannot even imagine what that might be like, but I am sure it is something very difficult to bear.

I remember watching the other day a video of Prince Harry and Prince William. They were talking about how the loss of their mother affected them in more ways than one. It must have been even more difficult for them because being public figures, they were in the eye of the camera the entire time. They were very young when that happened.

Prince Harry said that in his case, he chose not to deal with it. So, when memories of his mother and unanswered questions started popping into his head, he would just dismiss them, so he wouldn’t have to deal with them at that moment. Prince Willian did face them and found himself feeling lonely and without any answers. As Prince William would find out, dealing with them was just part of it.

He was able to learn from those experiences and pass some of these learnings to his brother. This doesn’t mean that it was any easier for him now, but he did understand that worrying about them was not going to bring his mother back. So, along with his brother, they decided to help other people that might have been going through similar situations and may need mental health assistance.

The man in the following video had a similar situation. He too lost his mother, but it wasn’t to an accident but to cancer. The day his mother passed, he decided he would grow his hair and donate it to a foundation that provides wigs for people who have lost their hair due to cancer. His wife is about to see the man under all that hair. When she does, she won’t even be able to recognize him!