Her Husband Shines A Light In That Hole, But She Can’t Believe It When THIS Comes Out!

When these people were hanging out in their backyard, they noticed a burrow. They soon realized that a tiny tortoise dwelled inside. They decided to call him Taco. Every single day, they went up to the burrow and called on the little guy. And guess what? To their surprise, Taco responded every time. According to the description written on the video, they were in total disbelief.

They write, “Taco, the amazing tortoise, comes out of his burrow when called! We were in total disbelief, but the tortoise has done this several days in a row, and now we have video to prove it! Our itty bitty tortoise is incredible.” What is even more amazing is the fact that Taco walks right onto to their open palm!

It is quite possible that the tortoise is responding to their voice or the vibrations of their voice and walking near his burrow. He sticks his head out cautiously, but then he gets quite brave and comes right out. He’s found a great little spot in their yard for a burrow, created by a loose paving stone. He can be safe and warm in there.

How lucky are these people to have this cute, curious creature in their yard? They can visit him every day and watch as he grows up.  He has plenty to eat and lots of territory to explore.

Watch this amazing video below! Have you ever seen a tortoise do something like that before? Feel free to share what you think in the comments!

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