Husband & Wife ‘La La Land’ Medley Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Peter Hollens & His Wife Evynne Perform A ‘La La Land Medley,’ Singing ‘City of Stars & ‘A Lovely Night’‘La La Land’ has inspired a powerful duet featuring Evynne Hollens and everyone’s favorite Ryan Gosling impersonator – Peter Hollens. Their performances of ‘City of Stars’ & ‘A Lovely Night’ from the award-winning motion picture soundtrack are not only visually similar to our star but give a showing that’s filled with just as much talent as the original singers delivered.

Two things in this movie medley are undeniable. Firstly, Peter’s resemblance to Ryan Gosling is uncanny, to say the least, and secondly, this husband and wife are two people that are truly blessed with talent. Perhaps it is each other that brings out the best in both of them as they once again win over audiences with a heartfelt show.

Watch Husband and wife entertainers Evynne& Peter Holland – everyone’s favorite Ryan Gosling impersonator, as they warm the heart with a duet that seems stolen from the stars themselves. There’s no denying just how well this much-loved couple has recreated the magic ‘La La Land’ and its two hits ‘City of Stars’ & ‘A Lovely Night.’

Husband & Wife ‘La La Land\' Medley Will Sweep You Off Your Feet