Husky and little boy must cuddle before falling asleep in adorable home video

Husky and little boy

The Youtube channel known as milperthusky has been sharing videos of their adorable huskies, Millie, Rupert, and Lola, for many years now.

In this video, we see an incredibly sweet scene of Millie refusing to get out of bed so that the couple’s son Parker can go to sleep.

It starts with Parker and his dad, Aaron Wallman, entering the bedroom to see Millie already in bed snug under the covers. She gives Parker the sweetest little kisses when he crawls in beside her.

Husky and little boy

When Aaron gives Parker his milk bottle, Millie starts gently pawing at Parker’s shoulder and licking her chops as if to say that she wants some too.

The sweetest moment of the video is probably when dad and Parker give Millie a belly rub, and when they’re done, Millie puts her paw on Parker’s shoulder demanding more.

When Aaron decides it’s time for Parker to get some rest, he pulls the cover off of Millie and beckons her, to which she responds by not moving a muscle. After a few attempts, dad laughs and puts the cover back on her telling her to stay there.

The scene ends with Millie looking lovingly at Parker while he sleeps before falling asleep herself as dad films the scene to share with the world.

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