This Husky Is Asked What She Wants For Dinner. But What She Does Next? OMG!

This cute husky, Mishka, is one of the most recognizable dogs in the internet. You probably have seen or heard about this pup yourself, since she’s had some viral videos of her talking for a while. This clip that we put just below was uploaded to YouTube way back in 2012, and it still holds as one of the cutest videos ever. In the video, her family is talking about what they will have for dinner, and Mishka shares her opinion as well. Don’t miss her “response”, it really is amazing!

Many professionals, such as Stanley Coren; who is dog expert and works as a psychology professor at UBC, agree that dogs who talk with their owners are probably doing so by imitating the sounds or phrases they most often hear from them, hoping to get a treat or a praise reward in return. It might seem like your dog is trying to communicate with you, but it’s way more likely that he or she just wants a treat to eat!

You can watch the video right here. Did you catch what the dog says in it? Don’t forget to let us know and leave a comment in the section below!

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