This Husky Doesn’t Want To Walk Anymore. Now Watch His Tired Dad Has To Do For Him

I think when it comes to our pets, it’s safe to say that we are head over heels in love with them. We simply adore our pets and we would do anything for them. They are our fur babies and they mean more than anything to us.

When it comes to pets I would say that the favorite, pet of choice, would be dogs. Dogs have always been very popular with people and have played a huge part in our lives. Well this featured video definitely shows us just how dedicated one particular pet owner is to his beloved pooch.

In this video you will meet a husky and his owner. Husky dogs are known for being very loving, playful dogs. They normally love walks and just being outside in general. Well that is definitely not the case for this pooch. He definitely has something else in mind.

Apparently this dog has a habit of getting very tired on his walks and he does something a little strange to tell his owner that he has had enough. When he gets tired he starts prancing and jumping around his owner until finally his owner gives in and gives his pooch exactly what he wants. A piggyback ride! Can you imagine seeing these two on the side of the road? Just hilarious!

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