Husky & Golden Retrievers Have A Whole Bunch Of Furry Friends

The sheer size difference alone between these seemingly enormous golden retrievers, husky, and the tiny kittens that they’re welcoming to their family is incredible.

The kittens appear in love with their canine companions, and the feeling couldn’t be made more clearly mutual. This husky and two golden retrievers treat a litter of tiny kittens just as they would their own puppies. Just wait until you see how the little furballs copy the dogs.

It’s unbelievable to see just how much love is shared between these tiniest of tiny kittens and their watchdogs and guardians. The little ones are learning so much.

There are so many moments in this cuteness overload that you’ll want to watch again. From the tiny cat sleeping atop a retriever and husky’s head, to the surprise naughty moment coming later, you’ll be hooked on every second.