Husky Sits Out In Yard Having Face Combed After Grooming. His Facial Expressions Will Relax You.

Grooming dogs, while a potentially lucrative business given that there are many dog owners out there, can be a nightmare. There are so many variables that can either make each dog visit a potential nirvana or one that has the groomer up at night before the next visit. One of them is the condition of the hair. It’s up to the mommy or daddy to keep that in good shape. It looks like that happened with this dog.

We see a Husky named Max sitting outside on a bench. A couple of other Huskies are roaming around the area. He’s just had his hair cut at the groomer and this is the final touches at home. His mommy is using a large steel brush to straighten out any kinks in the hair under his chin. The last thing that needs to happen is for his hair to get matted. Longer-haired dogs can be susceptible to it and it can make everyone miserable. Not the case here.

This is one happy dog. His mommy is using a big comb to straighten out his hair… and he’s not giving her a fight at all. He’s not biting the brush, moving around, yowling or doing anything to make the whole process go as miserably as it possibly can. Instead, it looks like they are going to be finished fairly soon. Fast grooming times, especially for large dogs are near miraculous. Well, it looks like a miracle has occurred.

Max’s mommy is lucky that grooming him seems so easy. Perhaps it’s because she may have groomed him a lot in the past, but it looks like that brush is going through his fur pretty easy. When I had a miniature schnauzer, trying to brush her could be an exercise in frustration, since her hair got knots in them really easily. Grooming this guy seems like it’s easy street and he looks so content that it’s that way.

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