This Husky Throws a Tantrum when Mom Tells Him that It’s Time for The Bath

Bath time is usually a relaxing time for us humans: some bubbles, candles, and soft music. Not many animals feel the same way as we do about bath time.

No matter how obedient and disciplined a dog is, he is likely to go absolutely crazy when it is time for a bath. The star of our video below is a dog named Monk. He is not a fan of bath time it appears.

All dog owners have to tolerate the hilarious tantrums dogs throw when they are asked to get in the bathtub or the shower. This video features Monk, who absolutely hates taking a bath and tries his best to avoid it.

Monk is a stubborn husky in our video who throws a tantrum every time mom takes him in the bathroom for the shower. Mom was really fed up with this continuous routine and decided to record his epic tantrum and share it with the world. I am glad that she did.

This dog’s tantrum is just hilarious! Watch Monk roll and jump and whine in a futile attempt to not have a bath.

This Husky Throws a Tantrum when Mom Tells Him that It\'s Time for The Bath