This Husky Tries To Escape Bath Time. When You Hear His Tantrum, You’ll Fall In LOVE!

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know how particular they can get to be when it comes to baths. It’s one of those things that some dogs can never get used to, like visiting the Vet or taking medicine. It’s not rare at all to find dogs who avoid bathing for several days, and will dash away any time you even try to get them on a shower. You might have to become a great runner just to chase down your dog, if it’s one of the more stubborn ones. Like the one in the video below!

A usually well-mannered husky dog has the most adorable way to protest bath time you could ever imagine. His name is Monk, and he just totally loses it when the time for showering finally comes.

This video was recorded by her owner, who manages to chase him down all the way to the bathroom. After he’s out of options, Monk throws the cutest doggy tantrum you can ever imagine to witness. You have to see him for yourself! It’s impossible to get mad at such a cutie.

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