Hyper-realistic “spy turtle” lays observation eggs on beach to film epic turtle invasion

Robot spy turtle

Sea turtles are some of the most amazing creatures on this planet. Their unique egg-laying process is truly a sight to see—while it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Robot spy turtle

Laying eggs on the same Costa Rican beach where they were born 15 years prior, over 2,000 sea turtles make their way up the sand. But, this group has one rather curious member.

Nicknamed “Spy Turtle,” one of these sea turtles is, in fact, a spy. Not just any spy; however, a spy turtle is a hyper-realistic robot that looks and behaves like the other turtles.

Robot spy turtle's egg

Spy turtles’ disguise is so good that even the other sea turtles aren’t catching on to the fact that it’s not a real turtle. Whoever designed this machine is purely a creative genius.

Even more, this turtle who seems to be straight out of a James Bond movie isn’t there to lay real eggs. It’s applying hidden cameras that resemble eggs to make observations.


The point is to monitor the vultures who prey on sea turtle’s eggs and learn more about their habits. A couple curious vultures pick up the decoy eggs, only to find out that they’re not real.

The extent of human invention is fantastic—and the sea turtle is a great example. So realistic and believable, even the other sea turtles are fooled by its presence.

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