Ice-Skaters Perform An Unbelievable Routine To THIS Song. When You See It? You’ll Be Floored!

The 2015 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships was held in Hamilton, Canada. The Canadians are crazy about everything ice – ice hockey, Winter Olympics, ice skating, Monson Ice, and so on. Canada entered multiple teams and the crowd painted the stadium red. They were positively charged up for Team Canada 2.

This video shows Team Canada 2 performing their routine to Tina Turner singing “Proud Mary”. It may have been a cover but it was Tina Turner who made this song famous. She is known as an energetic and intense live performer and every time this song came up she somehow managed to raise it up a few notches.

The 16 skaters of Team Canada 2 lived up to this song’s billing. They were in top form and the crowd relentlessly cheered them on. Ice skating is not an easy thing. It requires tremendous balance and when there are 16 skaters going at top speed, perfect synchronicity is an impossibility. That’s why no one has ever skated to the Police song of the same name.

This Canadian team of skaters put in a tremendous performance. There were a few skaters out of place here and there in the course of the routine but that is totally unavoidable for all synchronized skating teams. Team Canada 2 would temporarily own the top score of the day on the strength of this performance. Another Canadian team NEXXICE took home the championships’ gold medals.