Identical Twin Babies Suffer From Rare Infant Cancer Simultaneously. I Felt So Sad Until I Saw The Video!

There are times when the magic of miracles just sweeps us away on our feet. This is one instance where unexplainable events happened that amazed even the doctors involved. When the Dunns became parents of two beautiful identical twin girls, they felt blessed. Isabella and Madeleine were two beautiful healthy, happy babies and they were welcomed into the Dunn’s home with celebration and joy.

All was well, until they went in for a routine check-up where the doctor noticed something wasn’t right with Madeleine’s belly. It was swollen and that was not a good symptom or a normal condition for an infant to have. Just noticing the doctor’s face, the Dunns knew that something was wrong. His expression changed which gave away the feeling that this wasn’t going to be a routine check-up.

After an ultrasound, it was discovered that Madeleine had a rare form of infant cancer. Just when Alyssa and Michael thought things couldn’t get any worse, it was discovered that Isabella had the exact same form of infant cancer in the exact same place as her twin! What are the odds of that happening? It wasn’t looking good and the odds of both surviving were slim.

In fact, things got so bad that the parents couldn’t touch their daughters as the babies had gotten so sick. The Dunns turned to prayer and continued to hope for a miracle to happen, against all odds. During their chemotherapy sessions, something magical happened. The twins were reunited and just sensing each other’s presence seemed enough to ignite a positive change in their body. Soon the girls were laughing and playing with each other and seemed healthier.

After a while, they were allowed to go home where the treatments would continue and soon, the signs of their disease disappeared like it didn’t exist. This was such an anomaly that doctors couldn’t explain it. It seems that there are things that science cannot explain. Even better, the twins are doing so well now – as you can see from the video as they celebrate their birthday.

This video brings to light the strong bond of siblings and the parents would testify to the power of prayer. Can you explain what happened? I was absolutely amazed at the twin’s transformation for the better! Please share your comments in the section below – we love hearing from you!

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