Identical twin sisters find each other after 36 years apart

Finding out you have a long-lost sister is crazy enough, but to find out she’s your twin is something else.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of long-lost siblings reuniting. But for Molly and Emily, the surprise of finding each other was doubly so as they find out they are identical twins.

Molly and Emily were adopted from a South Korean orphanage when they were but days old. Growing up in America with loving families of their own, they had no idea each other existed.

The sweetest thing about the story is that Emily’s 11-year-old daughter, Isabel, is the one who reunited the pair, giving her Mom the gift of a sister.

After comparing DNA results on a website, Molly was matched with Isabel who the site said must be her daughter. We can see Molly laughing at the news as she’s never been pregnant.

Curious about the results, we hear how the inquisitive Isabel messaged Molly and the rest, as they say, is history, deciding to meet face to face.

As the 2 meet in person, you can see they are overcome with emotion, embracing their newly found sibling. The most incredible thing is just how similar their lives were.

It’s simply remarkable to see how the pair’s lives paralleled each other’s so closely, from haircuts, boyfriends, to fashion. They were two peas in a pod even when they didn’t know it.

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Identical twin sisters find each other after 36 years apart