If Freddy Mercury Did Christmas, He’d Want This – Don’t Miss Marc Martel’s ‘Silent Night’

Silent Night' by Marc Martel Canadian Christian musician Marc Martel has a truly unique voice, which is wonderfully showcased in the holiday classic ‘Silent Night.’ Singing with absolutely no live instrumental, Marc manages to conjure Christmas spirit as if he has the backing of a symphony behind him.

With a track that shows you just how little is needed to deliver a heavenly sound, Marc wins over all who hears his voice, while lifting the mood straight to one of togetherness, warm moments, and seasonal cheer. Many compare his rich sound to that of the great Freddie Mercury – you decide.

Don’t miss Marc Martel’s spellbinding recreation of ‘Silent Night’ – a song sung with such spirit, purity & flow that you’d swear you’re listening to a legend, not an upcoming artist. Some say if he’d don Freddy Mercury’s trademark yellow jacket and grow a mustache, you’d never be able to tell the difference. This is definitely a track for your Christmas collection.

If Freddy Mercury Did Christmas, He\'d Want This - Don\'t Miss Marc Martel\'s \'Silent Night\'