If you grew up in the 1970s, you’ll fondly remember this

If you grew up in the 1970s, you’d remember certain unique aspects of that time period in America. You were probably surrounded by wood paneling and shag carpets in your polyester outfit, tube socks, or bell-bottom jeans.

Classic Macrame owl

Your home would’ve been decorated with a classic Macrame owl, and you may have had the hottest arcade game on the planet, ‘Pong,’ by Atari. You would have played this computerized table tennis game for hours until it was dethroned by ‘Space Invaders’ later in the decade.

If you weren’t into video games, you might have enjoyed the toy sensation known as ‘Clackers.’ These toys were basically two balls attached to a string that made noise by clicking together. They were dangerous, and they were eventually banned.

Classic Pet Rock

You and your friends could’ve experienced the joy of owning a ‘Pet Rock.’ This literal rock came with googly eyes, and you could feed it and take it for a walk, all for just $4. Maybe you would carry it in your fancy metal lunch box with a matching thermos!

You’d have looked no further than ‘Eight is Enough’ child star Adam Rich for hairstyle. He made the ‘bowl cut’ famous. The popular style involved placing a bowl on your head and cutting around it, leaving the appearance of a hair bowl. Baseball player Pete Rose rocked the cut along with figure skater Dorothy Hamil.

Schoolhouse Rock

During Saturday cartoons, you were treated to ‘Schoolhouse Rock,’ which taught about math, science, and politics. You probably had a mood ring which was a huge 70s fashion accessory. You may have read ‘Tiger Beat’ magazine because it was the source for teen pop. It came complete with posters to hang all over your room of your favorite star. Your entertainment involved being thrilled and terrified at some of the world’s first ‘Summer blockbuster’ movies, including ‘Jaws’ and ‘Star Wars.’ On the dance floor, you’d be doing ‘The Hustle’ or the ‘YMCA’ as disco was king!

When you came home from school, your mom would be making ‘Hamburger Helper’ for dinner, and your dad would be trying to tune in tv stations using the antenna known as ‘rabbit ears’ so you could watch your favorite show ‘Happy Days’ or the ‘Six Million Dollar Man.’ The 1970s were a uniquely historic time in America’s history, and those who lived through them will remember these epic events!

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If you grew up in the 1970s, you\'ll fondly remember this