If you remember this stuff, you might be getting old

There are many signs of old age creeping up on us! A sore back when you wake up, yawning at 5 p.m., and forgetting where you put your car keys are all markers of our growing years.

And, there are some popular things from American culture that you may remember if you’re getting up there in years. A ‘Sign-on’ was the beginning of operations for any radio or TV station at the start of the day. There was also a ‘Sign-off’ to conclude the day’s broadcast.

If you admit to driving or riding in a station wagon, you may be dating yourself. The fold-down seats and wood-panel doors are a part of ancient automotive history.

If you ever thought of the phrase, ‘Be Kind, Rewind,’ then you were a ‘VHS’ tape user. The tapes would go into home video systems featuring ‘VCRs’ which pre-date the ‘DVD.’

And what would go better with your old VHS movie than a serving of ‘Jiffy Pop.’ The popcorn would burst into its form when held over a fire or stove burner.

Friday nights with friends often featured bowling alleys, roller rinks, or drive-in theaters. To find your friends phone number, you’d ‘Let your fingers do the walking’ and use the telephone directory or phone book. These large books featured the names of everyone in your neighborhood and surrounding businesses.

You might be getting a bit older if these items all ring a bell. They served their purpose in their era, but they have since been placed in retirement, which may sound good to you right about now.

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If you remember this stuff, you might be getting old