If you went to high school in the ’70s you’ll cherish this…

The 1970s saw many societal changes, especially in high school. Those who grew up during the decade remember high school as a time of freedom, experimentation, and self-discovery.

Pictures of students in school wearing colorful psychedelic outfits highlight their need to break free from conformity. These high school images show students living in the 70s in full fashion.

Students loved ‘Led Zeppelin,’ ‘Pink Floyd,’ and ‘The Rolling Stones.’ They would gather to listen to their favorite albums, and music united the culture during the decade.

There are stunning photos of 70s classrooms showing teens at giant typewriters learning how to type. There are cheerleaders at sports events waving their pom-poms and the jocks in their football jerseys.

Gym class photos show students getting their height measured by their teacher. A home economics class gives us a glimpse of students preparing to be homemakers.

Students experimented with drugs like LSD and marijuana regularly. While school officials didn’t condone this, the students felt no fear of punishment for recreational drug use.

The hairstyles, fashion, music, and school life images remind us just how fantastic the 1970s were in America. The music was innovative, the culture was connected, and the colors were psychedelic.

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If you went to high school in the \'70s you\'ll cherish this...