IKEA inspired tiny home has loads of space and great design packed into it

Heidi and Matt live in an IKEA inspired, Scandinavian longhouse-inspired small home. The couple wanted to downsize into something smaller and found that a 65-square-meter home was a perfect size. The home is not technically a tiny house but still smaller than most of their friends’ homes.

The home’s exterior is larch wood and black metal instead of the traditional cedar wood typically used in tiny houses. The couple intentionally chose a unique timber compared to other design styles to keep the exterior looking modern.

One of the best parts of the couple’s home is the “section” (or yard) that it sits on. The half-acre space was previously a friend’s yard that the couple purchased and built into their dream space. They have a lot of vegetable gardens to source food from and hope to plant fruit trees in the future.

In addition to the house itself, the couple has outbuildings like an oversized garage. Matt is a mechanic by trade, so he required space to work on cars and motorbikes. Similarly, Heidi has a separate studio she goes to that allows her to work without leaving their lot.

One of the most unique features of the outdoor space is the couple’s hot tub. It is a dark stone bathtub that the couple can sit in together on cold nights, watching a movie or looking up at the stars.

The house’s interior matches the exterior with warm wood choices and a concrete floor. Heidi and Matt were very involved with the building process. They even got to participate in the construction at specific points. The couple loves to entertain and planned for a space where friends and family could join them.

The couple knew specific features they wanted to include, like a larger kitchen, a second bedroom for guests, shelving, and a spacious bathroom with a huge shower. Matt is relatively tall and wanted to ensure the house accommodated him comfortably.

Matt and Heidi remark on how much easier it is to live in a small home. They can focus on the life they actually want to live instead of being caught up in the day-to-day. Their lifestyle has totally shifted from when they lived in a traditional house, and they agree they wouldn’t change anything about it.

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IKEA inspired tiny home has loads of space and great design packed into it