Imaginative Family Of 6 Performs Hilarious “Les Misérables” Coronavirus Parody

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, families all across the globe are now sequestered to their homes. Especially for households with school-aged children, it can be quite a challenge to keep both parents and kids entertained all day long.

As the endless days filled with Netflix and online shopping stretch on and on, The Marsh Family decided to recount their harrowing experience in song. The resulting masterpiece is so spot-on, you’ll be tempted to create your own quarantine ditty.

The Marshes musical sage is inspired in part by the 19th century classic “Les Misérables.” Their reimagined twist on “One Day More” includes relatable questions such as “will we ever meet our friends?” and “do I change my underwear?”

Since their internet debut, Ben Marsh, his wife Danielle, and their four children Alfie, Thomas, Ella, and Tess have gone on to appear on local news channels for interviews and are even donating all the revenue from their parody to the COVID Solidarity Response Fund.