Imogen, The Koala Gets An Adorable Montage From His Caretakers!

Imogen the Koala was hand raised by care-takers at the Symbio Wildlife Park. As most of us know, instances of wild animals raised by humans are rare and are usually driven due to exceptional circumstances. Imogen is an example of this, the workers decided to act as surrogates because another Koala, named Harry, much younger than Imogen unfortunately lost his mother. They decided to let Imogen’s mother adopt Harry, whom without this help would definitely not survive.

Their experiment worked out well for all the involved parties. Both Imogen and Harry now enjoy a healthy normal life together with their mother. Maybe the only ones that were adversely affected were Imogen’s caretakers that had to let their baby go back to his natural habitat. They made this adorable video that captured all of Imogen’s best childhood moments. You can feel all the love that this baby koala received from his humans, your heart will definitely be touched!

It is very important for animals (including humans!) to be reared naturally by their mothers. However it is definitely heartwarming to see that no matter the species, a helping hand will always be given to babies that need to be looked after!

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