Impatient Baby Elephant Opens Gate by Herself to go Visit Adopted Herd

The best way to start your day is with a little love and affection. Khanyisa, an orphaned elephant at the HERD Elephant Orphanage in South Africa, couldn’t agree more! She wants to see the rest of her family so badly; she opens the gate to her pen by herself!

She takes off running as soon as she frees herself, but her handlers have to stop her so they can grab the blanket. She reaches the herd and situates herself between two other adult elephants. There are a few moments of adorable elephant snuggles before the herd begins to surround Khanyisa.

They sense that something is wrong! Elephant Manager, Owen, explains that they had picked up the scent of a pride of lions; about 15 of them! Luckily, the lions went one way, and the elephants chose a different path.

The herd of elephants continues on a brisk stroll. Khanyisa takes a moment to come and say hello to Owen. The little albino orphaned elephant ends the day suckling from her adopted mama elephant. It has been a successful day for this little one.