An impatient dog that gets tired of sitting in the car takes matters into his own hands!

A lot has been said about the dangers of leaving your pets inside a car in the scorching heat. Many people have started to take notice. There were many sad stories where the owner took a little more time that he expected only to go back and find their dog in very bad shape because of the heat. The dogs usually need to be taken to the hospital because of dehydration.

What people are recommended to do is to take their dogs with them when they are running errands to avoid exposing them to such elevated temperatures. A man actually carried out an experiment to show how hot temperatures can get inside a closed vehicle. This man took an egg, a frying pan and a thermometer for the experiment.

The temperature outside was about 90 degrees. The man left the egg in the frying pan as well as a thermometer. He came back after 15 minutes to find the egg was well-done and the temperature was well over 120 degrees. This was a shock to many people, but it helped to raise awareness among most people who decided to do something about it.

People are now either taking their pets with them or leaving them in the car with the A/C on. Just like the woman in the following video. She needed to run some errands but decided to leave the car A/C on as well as an opening on the two back windows just in case. She told her dogs she would be gone for a few minutes.

A man walked by her car window and complimented on her dogs’ appearance. The man mentioned that the dogs looked like they were very happy and having fun. She just gave him a smile and walked on to go to the store. Apparently, the woman had not estimated the time she was going to take that accurately, and the dogs started to get impatient.

After a long time, the Airedale Terrier in the driver’s seat decided to do something about it. His companion was sitting in the back seat waiting as well. The dogs were probably discussing what do at this point. They had to let their owner know that enough was enough and that she needed to go back to them. This is when the dog in the driver’s seat started honking the horn.

Just imagine a dog in the driver’s seat and another one in the back seat honking the horn of a car. What? Don’t you believe me? Click on the following video to see them in action!