In 1965 Paul Harvey created an all-time Christmas classic

You know his voice, so this story should be a recurring delight. Years after the original telling, a video brings the fabled story to life.

Paul Harvey is a radio broadcaster that is known for his The Rest of the Story segments. Beyond having a recognizable voice, his personal stories were an inspiration to all. As an important figure in American history, he reached the ears of millions on a weekly basis.

One of his most famous stories is The Man and the Birds, also known as Christmas Story. What starts off as a formulaic Christmas story turns into something special.

Paul was not afraid to speak his mind, and would often hide truth nuggets in his writings. Christmas Story was one of the best, and no one tells it quite like the author himself. After several years, the audio has been lifted and had video added.

With Harvey speaking over the pictures, viewers gain a new way to enjoy his wonderful story. It’s a tale that you should hear at least once a year to lift your spirits up high.

The theme of the Christmas holidays is all about inner growth. You learn to give, enjoy family and prepare for the new year. With the Christmas Story, you can enjoy that feeling every day of the year.

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In 1965 Paul Harvey created an all-time Christmas classic